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Contributed by Robert Cloutier, Valve & Actuation Team Manager

Series 19 MultiPack® Electric Actuators

The newest addition to Asahi/America’s Series 19 actuation product line is the MultiPack® rotary electric actuator. The Series 19 MultiPack® is specifically designed for multiturn and non-rising stem valves such as Asahi’s type-14 diaphragm and gate valves.

Rotary Electric Actuation

The Series 19 MultiPack® is a rotary electric actuator, specifically designed for precision flow control. What is a rotary electric actuator anyway? In simple terms, an electric actuator is basically just a geared motor. From a more technical viewpoint, a rotary electric actuator’s motor generates electromagnetic power, which causes a mechanical rotation of the gears to turn the output shaft to open and close the valve.

Series 19 MAV on Gate and Diaphragm Valves_blue background.png

The Series 19 MultiPack® also includes a brushless DC motor, which differs from a traditional brushed motor. The brushes in a brushed DC motor deliver a current from the commutator through the coils on the rotor. In a brushless DC motor, there is a permanent magnet, which will rotate and has its rotation facilitated by the direction of the magnetic field generated by the coils. The primary advantage of a brushless DC motor is an overall lower cycle time and higher torque output, which is what gives the Series 19 superior performance.

Brushed vs brushless motor graphic.png

Reversing Motor

The reversing motor of the Series 19 MultiPack® also makes this product unique from a standard rotary electric actuator. Reversing motors are motors in which there are two sets of windings allowing the armature to rotate in either direction depending on which set of windings is powered. One set of windings controls the clockwise direction for closing a valve, while the other set of winding controls the counter-clockwise direction for opening the valve. A major benefit of a reversing actuator is precise flow control, as the actuator is not required to travel the full stroke to begin the reverse stroke.

Higher Torque Output, Duty Cycle and Lower Cycle Times

One of the major benefits of the Series 19 MultiPack® is the vast improvement of cycle speed and torque output, relative to its compact size. The Series 19 boasting its compact size and high torque output combination, which allows the end user to maximize spatial needs along with smart feature technology.

Type-14 Diaphragm Valve Series 19 Data.png

For example, in the chart above, you can see that a 1” PVC type-14 Asahi/America diaphragm valve can be mounted with a Series 19, while weighing only 4 pounds and generating 177 (in/lbs) of torque with only a 13 second cycle time and 70% duty cycle.

Inside this compact powerhouse, Asahi/America’s Series 19 MultiPack® packs a lot of features and benefits designed with the operator in mind. For example, all Series 19 electric actuators have been designed with a NEMA 4X rated enclosure. NEMA 4X is the rating for the enclosure as defined by the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA). The “4” designation that follows NEMA is a specific code that states that the enclosure is rated for indoor or outdoor use, and the “X” designates that the enclosure is non-corrosive.

Additionally, the Series 19 MultiPack® features a unique LED light to show the open and close status and an OLED SmartMenu that allows the end user modify and preprogram the number of turns and/or position of the valve. It also comes in two packages: an ON/OFF unit or as a modulating unit for precise flow control.

Besides the aforementioned notable features, the Series 19 product line offers a multitude of additional features for end users, such as:

  • Compact: Perfect for OEM and skid manufacturers

  • OLED Screen: Displays input command, position status, alert conditions

  • Push Buttons: Used to calibrate, local controls

  • Multi-voltage: 24 VDC for S20, 24 VAC/VDC multi-voltage for S50

  • Motor: Reversing, brushless DC motor

  • Gear Train: Permanently lubricated steel gears

  • Corrosion Resistant Enclosure: NEMA 4X PC/PET enclosure with stainless steel trim

  • ISO mounting configuration

  • LED Position Indication: RED closed, GREEN open, BLUE fault

  • Manual Override: Manually cycle valve via electroless nickel-plated hex key

  • Auxiliary Contacts: Open and closed dry contacts rated 0.1 Amp @ 250 VAC, 0.5 Amp @ 30 VDC

  • Alarm Contacts: Dry contacts rated 0.1 Amp @ 250 VAC, 0.5 Amp @ 30 VDC for alarm status (over torque, as an example)

  • QR Code: Links to user manual; includes wiring schematic

  • Space Heater: Internally wired to limit condensation

  • CE Compliant: All actuators are CE labeled and compliant

  • 70% Duty Cycle: Extended duty cycle is ideal for high cycling applications

  • Simple Wiring: Wiring technique is the same for all voltage units

  • Local Controls: Used with OLED and push buttons, a user can locally open or close units via password

The Series 19 MultiPack® is backed by years of R&D testing and design to provide a powerful multiturn actuator exclusively available at Asahi/America. With its advanced design and intelligent features, you can expect consistent and accurate performance every time.

For more information or questions on Series 19 multiturn actuators or any other valve and actuation-related questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to myself or anyone on the technical services team at Asahi/America at or 1-800-343-3618.

Inner Circle

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