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Shane McDaniel, who recently joined Asahi/America’s business development team, is a seasoned problem solver and brings over two decades of experience in areas ranging from instrument and controls, outside sales, and aftermarket sales and service. His welcoming and outgoing personality, curiosity, and strict attention to detail is evident in all that he does.

As a business development manager for Asahi/America’s actuation products, McDaniel takes pride in “building solid, meaningful relationships with both colleagues and customers." He says he “looks to identify potential roadblocks to his customer’s success and provide them with a product or solution that moves their goal forward.”

The business development title is more than the name suggests, he explains. “I provide our front-line salesforce with education and sales tools that help them more effectively sell our products,” said McDaniel. “I am also responsible for learning what our customers are looking to accomplish, determine how Asahi/America can help them achieve those goals. I try to help people think differently about our products, and how they can use them to solve their problems.”

Day in and out, McDaniel strives for results over revenue. “My goal is to work with customers to understand what they truly need, and then leverage experience and expertise, along with the combined expertise of Asahi/America to solve that problem,” said McDaniel.

Although new to the team, McDaniel says he is “learning everyday how to better integrate with the team, and be successful at my role. We have such a talented and varied team that I am certain we all have some subtle difference in approach. I am constantly asking why. I don’t ever want to assume that an approach or an idea is best simply because someone said so.”

Whether it’s working on a home project or developing a relationship with a new client, McDaniel said, “I am always trying to build or improve. My customers come to expect that I bring value to their organization and goals beyond just selling a product. I am here to make them successful, and that in turn helps Asahi/America become successful.”

Besides his specialty in fixing and building things, McDaniel has spent a great deal of time studying philosophy, theology, and physics in the last few decades. “The sheer span of thought throughout history is amazing,” said McDaniel. “I believe that life is not black and white, there are so many shades of grey in the world. This has given me the ability to look at things with a centrist attitude. I try to understand why, what motivates that thought, or what is driving that decision.”

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