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For over three decades, Rodney Van, an Asahi/America veteran, has brought significant and unmatched experience to the thermoplastic valve, actuator, and piping industry. It’s obvious he goes above and beyond in providing solutions and educating his customers on the benefits of thermoplastic valve and piping systems.

Currently, as a Business Development Manager at Asahi/America, Van’s main task is educating engineers at Architecture and Engineering (A&E) firms about the many options and solutions available for water and wastewater treatment, pharmaceutical, food processing, aquaculture, and metal treatment industries.

As an educator, Van feels his technical knowledge and field experience helps communicate a picture of how he envisions solving a problem. His philosophy? To do whatever is necessary until the job is done.

Van explains, “I can be tenacious when it comes to solving a problem, whether it’s a new system being designed or retrofit/repair. I want the engineer, contractor, and distributor to know that they can contact me to work on a solution. He even goes so far as to say, “it would not be unusual for me to recommend a product outside of Asahi’s product line if the options we have aren’t the right solution.”


Colleague or friend, Van is undoubtedly trustworthy and reliable. His kind, gentle demeanor and commitment to build relationships based around trust is apparent in all that he does.


When asked what part of a car he would be, Van responds, “the radio. I’m like the sports talk radio announcer giving you an opinion on a team’s problem. A caller responds with another opinion and before it’s over, there is consensus for a solution on what the team needs to do moving forward.”

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