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Asahi/America’s Rob Marsiglia possesses an attentiveness and animation that’s hard to ignore. It’s obvious from the first hello that he’s passionate about what he does, and that the wheels are always turning.


As a business development manager for Asahi/America products in the commercial market, he says his purpose is to “lay the groundwork for future business by educating engineers, designers and end users on the benefits of the Asahitec and Air-Pro product lines,” and his approach is very thorough. Using a combination of presentations (both in-person and online) and comparisons of Asahi products versus other materials and methods, as well as assisting with specifications, and demonstrating thermoplastic fusion technologies, Marsiglia will leave no stone unturned when it comes to assisting customers and potential clients. 

“I have extensive knowledge of fluid handling components and system design,” said Marsiglia. “I’ve worked in the high purity, corrosion resistant, recycle, and commercial spaces for many years, and can offer that experience and insight to any customer.” It’s that multidimensional understanding that results in customers considering Marsiglia a consultant rather than just a salesman.


“I work closely with our district managers on the sales approach to each project. I’m more than a background resource for technical assistance,” Marsiglia said. “I bring an understanding of our competition, and insight into the nuances of our product line – and the application.”


This unique mix of technical knowledge and practical experience is what Marsiglia believes makes him good at his job. “I have an exceptional ability to present features, views and scientific concepts in such a way that a broad audience can understand the information – from the mechanical contractor in the field to the designers and engineers at an MEP firm,” he said.


Beyond his nearly 40 years of fluid handling systems experience, Marsiglia is easy to work with. His answers are thoughtful; his demeanor up-beat and friendly. And though he may play devil’s advocate when working through a project, it’s only to ensure he understands the situation completely in order to find the best solution for his customers.


“If you asked my friends what I’m good at, I think they’d say it’s making people feel at ease,” said Marsiglia. “I’m also able to see humor in most situations,” he added, “although it may only be humorous to me.”


Undoubtedly, Marsiglia’s overall outlook on life colors his approach to his relationships and his work. When asked if there was a phrase or philosophy that resonates with him, Marsiglia easily replied, “Every day is a new day. Remembering that allows you to focus on the tasks at hand and work to make THIS day a good and productive one. It helps put the past behind you and to not dwell on the things that have happened, but to look at what CAN happen, and how you can positively affect them.”

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