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With over 35 years in the plastics pipe industry, Pete Quinn lives up to the Asahi/America motto, ‘Your Expert in Plastics’. His experience ranges from distribution, development, and manufacturing of unique plastic piping fabrications with extremely tight tolerances in materials including, PE, PP, and PVDF. Quinn has worked with several industries including water treatment, semiconductor, mining, and chemical processing.

Quinn joined the Asahi/America business development team in 2020, where he has been uncovering opportunities for custom fabricated PE manifolds. He directly educates end-user customers on pre-fabrication capabilities and how Asahi/America can help. His role is exceptionally important as contractors and planners often have to coordinate tight schedules and varying logistics from multiple trades.

He says, “I can explain why prefabrication is so important and how it can save our customers' money. My goal is to offer reasonable solutions, build relationships, and always have the best interest of my customers in mind.” For those unfamiliar, prefabrication has gained popularity in industrial facilities as a method to increase quality and reduce costs due to on-site scheduling conflicts and construction bottlenecks. Read all about it in our latest article published here.

It’s unmistakable from first interactions with Quinn that he is a genuine, honest, stand-up type of guy. He wants to be open and ethical in finding solutions for his customers – even when there are hard-to-face issues.

When asked which car part he would pick to be, he responds, “probably the door, as I am always trying to close new orders and work on new projects and opportunities for my customers.” This mentality extends to his garden, as one of his passions outside of selling PE pipe is tending to his landscape and garden. Metaphorically speaking, in the garden and beyond, Quinn is always looking for that next opportunity that is ‘in season’ and in the correct application by using the right tools.

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